Using Mind Mapping Software for Project Management Software

Using Mind Mapping Software for Project Management Software

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Mind mapping software could be a effective tool for managing work, your objectives as well as your to-do lists. Mind maps are extremely visually oriented, and allow you to gather, manage and share quite a number of knowledge and sources rapidly and simply — which makes them a perfect tool for managing projects.

Applying mind maps for project management software

Here are the ways that you may use any of the largest mind mapping software packages — for example MindManager, MindGenius or ConceptDraw MINDMAP — to streamline your workload:

Idea file: A mind map is a perfect spot to store ideas associated with any project. Even better, you are able to conserve a separate mind map as the master idea file.

Project objectives: Use a mind map to list out objectives from the project, and them close at hands through the project that will help you remain focused on its outcome.

Milestones: You should use your preferred mind mapping program to define project milestones and track the progress of important elements from the project. Some software packages allow you to attach “percentage done” icons to tasks in your map, which allow you to gauge how well you’re progressing toward these key project milestones instantly.

Questions: A mind map is a superb place to produce a list of all the questions you’ve concerning the scope from the project, questions you have to ask others, and other associated questions.

Information needs: Use a mind map to produce lists from the important information, research you must do, sources you have to explore, people you have to contact for particular information or expertise, along with other information needs.

Links to project sources: It is simple to make use of your favorite mind mapping program to produce links to internet sites, documents, reports along with other project-related sources that your team people need fast, quick access. I’ve discovered this to become a in a major way-saver for me personally: Rather of putting things off looking through my file directories, searching for any key document or spreadsheet, I can produce a connect to it inside my project map — and so i never need to search for this again!

Define team roles and responsibilities: You may create a branch of the map that concisely summarizes each team member’s roles and responsibilities.

Experts and sources: You utilize a mind map to keep a summary of pros who you have to contact for particular information associated with the work.

Project notes: Most mind mapping programs allow you to attach notes towards the branches of the mind map. This can be used capacity to keep more information associated with the products in your thoughts map. Storing them in this manner keeps them from view until you are prepared to check out them. Anytime, it is simple to drill lower to see the notes you’ve stored regarding that facet of any project.

Additional strategies

Listed here are a couple of more guidelines to help you get the most from any project mind maps:

Link your maps: If you’re attempting to run a particularly complex project or perhaps a large to-do list, you might want to consider breaking up into several smaller sized, linked maps. This can stop you from struggling with “mass confusion,” yet still time keeping all your project sources only a couple of clicks away.

Manage map quite happy with filters: Most mind mapping programs allow you to filter the items in your map by level, keyword in addition to any symbols or icons you’ve mounted on branches of the map. Quite simply, you are able to filter the items in the mind map to ensure that only certain elements are displayed, while some are hidden from view. If you are using a large, complex map, this capacity could be very useful! So your favor and be thoroughly acquainted with the filtering abilities of the mind mapping software of preference.

Simplify task management: Some mind mapping software packages, for example MindManager and MindGenius, allow you to designate tasks with checkboxes. Further, they permit you need to do filter your map’s entire contents to exhibit only the active tasks. Make sure to make use of this approach to identify your tasks and track them effectively in your mind map.

Possess a technique for using map symbols: If you are planning to talk about any project maps along with other people of the team, make sure to set up a “visual vocabulary” to be used of map symbols and branch styles and colors, so they are understandable to everybody. Many of the important if you are planning to make use of the icons or symbols that many programs permit you to affix to map branches. You have to create a shared knowledge of the things they mean together with your team people, after which begin using these visual enhancements consistently. Also, when creating a project map, make sure to incorporate a legend, which visually summarizes the icons utilized in the map as well as their meaning.

Perform a brain dump, then organize: When you initially make your project map, don’t be concerned about structure and hierarchy. Just perform a “brain dump” right into a new map you could move products around and restructure your map later. Your most important when mapping a task would be to make certain that you simply capture just as much initial detail as you possibly can.

Utilize map templates in order to save time: If you are planning to make use of mind maps frequently for project planning and management, you need to consider developing a project template that may serve as a beginning point for every new project. This helps to actually ask all the right questions and gather all the needed information for every new project – in addition to saving both you and your team energy!


As you can tell, mind mapping software programs are a effective, flexible and highly productive method to manage work, goals and also to do lists. They not just assist you with initial project planning, but additionally status reporting as well as other facets of project management software. Acting just like a visual “executive summary,” any project maps can stylishly communicate an important summary of any project, whilst enabling team people to simply drill lower to much deeper amounts of detail.

Should you possess a mind mapping computer software, why don’t you give these pointers and techniques a go today? I think you will be amazed in the clearness it gives work and priorities, also it should enable you to considerably improve your productivity!

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