How To Buy Suitable Lumber From Lumberyard

How To Buy Suitable Lumber From Lumberyard

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In case you are new buyer of hardwood and visiting for the first time then it can really be very challenging. Most of the time, you may not know what to ask and what type of item to look for. You may find yourself totally out of place in a lumberyard and hence you must be familiar with little basic terminology.

If you are interested to purchase wood for your furniture then in general market you may not get enough varieties of woods. They only stock some of the popular items. In case you are looking for real hardwood then you need to visit any lumber yards Houston. At such location you can get many different varieties of woods piled together.

Few things that you need to know

Wood dimensions are usually specified by its thickness and it increases at the step of ¼”. They are usually called by the name quarter. If you want 1” thick board then you have to specify it as 4/4 or four quarter. This way, you can choose 5/4, 6/4 and 7/4 and some other dimension of wood.

Boards may not be perfectly flat and hence if your requirement is for 1” thickness then you must choose little thicker than 1” which can be planed to make it 1”. You have to apply planer on all the surfaces to make it parallel and flat.

Dressed or rough

If you ask for rough wood then you will get lumber which has cut by sawmill and has a rough uneven surface. If it is termed as dressed then planer has been used in its sides.

If the board is designated as S2S and it has been surfaced only on two parallel sides. In case it is specified as S4S then all four sides have been surfaced.  The advantage of dressed wood is that you can see the surface of the wood properly.

Board width

Board width is not a constant and it can vary time to time. Nowadays the board width is quite narrow and that is one of the common complain of most of the wood workers. During good old days you could get wood board of 30” wide and therefore

. Such boards are very rare and if available then price will be exorbitantly high. Nowadays the width of the board is between 6” to 12”.


If you visit to any lumber yard then you can explore more details of different kinds of woods available.

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