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The Hollister company, also called HCO, is really a subsidiary around the globe famous label Abercrombie & Fitch. The primary idea behind launching this latest brand ended up being to focus on the teenage market by supplying it with ultra trendy and ultra casual clothing that’s consistent with the most recent fashion. It’s been very popular from its very beginning, and also the store chain increased and increased inside a very small amount of time. Today, not just the company, but Hollister outlets too, are available across America.

Here, it is extremely important to indicate the Abercrombie & Fitch possess a interesting method of marketing all of their sub-brands plus they did exactly the same with Hollister: they marketed it having a pseudo-history. Parents company firmly believes this not just gives their other brands more depth, but attracts many new clients too who are able to affiliate using the set story. The storyline is very intriguing and is all about a youthful adventurous man, from the backdrop of passion, love and interest in the ocean. This story is intertwined using their apparel as well as their stores and regular stores where surfing is definitely the primary theme.

Each bit of items also offers the date 1922 mentioned around the label that is once the imaginary history claims that the company began. Actually, today countless their stores over the USA have video walls in which a live feed from Surf City, California is frequently proven to advertise and boost the entire surfing theme.

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