Don’t Miss These Facts Before Buying Hydraulic Tensioners!

Don’t Miss These Facts Before Buying Hydraulic Tensioners!

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Hydraulic tensioners are industrial tools, which are mainly used for stretching bolts with large diameters. The use of hydraulic tensioners is evident in many industries, and the main purpose is to install multiple bolts effectively without worrying about the effects of friction, which can cause inaccuracies.

Here are some of the other things worth knowing about hydraulic tensioners.

How to use hydraulic tensioners?

If you go by the mechanics, using a hydraulic tensioner is easy on paper. The operator using the tool will place it in the desired position. There are three major components of a hydraulic tensioner – piston, bridge and puller. Each of these must be placed accurately, after which hydraulic pressure will be applied, which helps in stretching the bolt. Once the bolt is stretched for the preload, the operator can move the nut by hand, which allows the extension as required. Hydraulic tensioners are one of the best-known torque tools and is in great demand in most parts of the world and in several industries.

Placing an order

If you need hydraulic tensioners for your company, you can check online to find manufacturers. Please note that the styles and variations in industrial tools are huge, and therefore, the price is usually dependent on many factors, including the size of the order. Many manufacturers also offer considerable support for custom requirements, and you can get a discount if you choose to place a large order for hydraulic tensioners. Before you select a manufacturer, check if they can offer assistance with training and have credible standing in the market. Some are obviously better than others in terms of customer service, so you can always get support for a specific set of requirements, as needed.

For many industries, hydraulic tensioners are a must-have because it adds to productivity. The new age tools come with a mechanism known as “spring return mechanism”, which resets the tool in its working “stroke”. Reduce the downtime and allow your operators to work better and more efficiently with hydraulic tensioners. Talk to known a manufacturer to explain your requirements, and you can get a quote for free, which will help in comparing the choices. Make sure that the manufacturer uses the best quality materials, because the performance of industrial tools like hydraulic tensioners depend largely on the manufacturing standards. Don’t shy away from asking relevant questions and seek local client references if required.

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