Chocolate Facial Skincare – Anti-aging and Calorie Free

Chocolate Facial Skincare – Anti-aging and Calorie Free

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Merry chocolate lover

Before the holiday season – Temptation encompasses us -While you are busy baking and sampling the numerous dessert temptations, take some time out and save a little bit of chocolate for stress- free skincare luxury.

The guilt free method to benefit from the sinfully wickedness of chocolate!

Chocolate is made of the cacao bean. The cacao bean’s ” floating ” fibrous outer coating may be used in anti-aging treatments to skin to assist break lower toxins.

Beauty and health – high calorie facial

The qualities of cacao are lots of. Raw cacao (cacao) powder has become considered probably the most advantageous nutritious super foods today.

Cacao is wealthy in antioxidants, vitamins A and E which increase bloodstream circulation.

Raw cacao powder comes with an antioxidant level that’s far more than eco-friendly tea, goji berrie, and wild particularly.

The cacao bean can also be filled with magnesium, (your stress levels protector) which will help to stimulate your body to create progesterone, an important hormone that is fantastic for tackling hormone or stress-related breakouts.

Holiday “facial dessert” essence

This scrumptious treatment combines the wicked pleasures of chocolate inside a luxe skincare treatment that leaves the complexion revitalized, radiant and refreshed.

Celebrity skincare – Many celebrities are reported to enjoy chocolate facials. Indulge your addiction with this particular deliciously aromatic chocolate facial mask and seem like a star.

The Authentic Chocolate Facial Recipe:

Credit source -Carole Fogarty-

2 to 5 tablespoons raw cacao (cacao powder) most good nutrition stores will sell the powder.

3 tablespoons organic honey (more dark honey is much better) more dark the honey the less water and also the greater the antioxidant, mineral and vitamin content. Honey is antibacterial and antifungel which assists the recovery process of cuts and wounds.

three to five tablespoons natural organic yogurt

A splash or more of oatmeal to bind

Mix all ingredients together to create a smooth thick paste and smooth onto face. Relax for ten 10-fifteen minutes, then wash served by tepid to warm water.

This chocolate facial mask treatment goes well with a mug of hot cocoa and gourmet chocolates.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, containing AHA, gently removes dirt and dead skin cells while preparing your skin for optimal nutrient absorption. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence deep cleanses your skin and leaves your skin lively and perfectly conditioned. It comes with non-sticky features and just takes a few minutes to be absorbed by your skin.

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